History of Queen Butterfly Foundation

I dared to dream big and start my own foundation in service of children with profound mental and physical disabilities .its been a long and interesting journey with many challenges along the way, but I never taken my eye off becoming an empowered young female African who is determined to add value ,not only to the vulnerable children and young adults who find their way to me, but to the staff whom I am able to engage in valuable skills transfer and elevate them to a level of excellence in working with these children and young adults who require an expert hand.

Queen butterfly Foundation started in July 2015 after I worked for an organization that catered for severe mental and physically challenged kids from 2004 to 2015 learning everything I could about of increasing the functionality and quality of life of every special needs children and young adults. In essence, it is because of these children that I not only have a job, but am forging ahead with my own foundation, determined to be self-employed, while creating jobs for unemployed women and coordinating their upliftment with my circle of expert physio, occupational and speech therapist.